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Over years of development we have formed a complete after-sales service system, after-sales service team is composed of professional high and mid-level technicians with many years after-sales service experiences, additional we have reserved wearing parts of various types of vehicles to ensure powerful technicians and logistics for after-sales service and technical support.

a.After-sales service
Mainly we serve for the vehicles that we have sold, such as CKD6E, CKD9A and CKD9C locomotives, 25G hard sleeping cars, soft sleeping cars, generator cars, baggage cars, superclass compartment sleeping cars, dining cars, carrier cars and other cars on scheduled maintenance and fault diagnosis maintenance service during the quality guarantee period.

b.Technical support
Mainly we provide the maintenances, repairing, technical solution and on-site technical guidance for the vehicles that have not been sold by us, main models include:
Diesel locomotives: CKD6E (GK1C series), CKD9A, CKD9, KZ4A, CKD4B, DF8B, DF4D, DF7G-E, 02, 02-Y, DF10FI, DF10I (DEM270), DF10DDB.
Electric locomotives: SDD17, HXD2, SDD19, SDD10, SDD5 (CKD9C/ТЭ16Z-200), SDD4 (GKD3B/ТЭ16Z-0 series), KZ4A, O'Z (O'zbekisto) soft / hard sleeping car and soft / hard seat car, 25G, 25K and 25T generator cars of Cummins series, small MTU generator cars, small MTU generator cars, dining cars and others.

c.Service outsourcing
We mainly provide the maintenance, inspection and repair and other contracting services at regular intervals or immediately for entire locomotives and trains of those vehicle depots, locomotive depots, inspection and repair works, in general the contract period is one year.


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